Welcome to the Catalouge of Federal Domestic Assistance website, your gateway to financial assistance and support specifically designed for retirees. The Catalouge of Federal Domestic Assistance is dedicated to providing grants to individuals who apply and we are empowering them to navigate financial hardships, pursue personal endeavors, and make transition out of poverty with our aid, we adopt new funding technologies mostly investing in a new business opportunity, or funding a new enterprenuer jobs. We also promote all individuals, retired seniours and firms have a unique power to reshape societies.


Financial Assistance for individuals

The CFDA offers a range of grant programs tailored to meet the diverse needs of retirees.

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Personal Grants for Pursuing Passions

Our grant programs offer funding for retirees to pursue their passions, whether it's starting a small business.

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Confidentiality and Respect

At the CFDA, we understand the importance of privacy and treating each retiree's situation with sensitivity and respect.

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How Does It Work?
Meet Some of Our Past Beneficiaries

Thompson Friedel

This benefit has changed my life in a lot of ways. I was a homeless man and i got to see a post of the CFDA grants scheme and i decided to apply, now my life will never be the same again because I have been able to buy myself a home, car and start up a good business.

Sarah Henderson

I was in a very big debt until i found out about the CFDA Grant scheme, I have lost all hope of been able to pay off the debts, and also resigned to losing my home, but the CFDA grant saved me from that. Now I have been able to pay off my debts and even invested.

Renard Stevens

The CFDA provided me with time, funds and mentors to develop clinical research in several areas of colorectal surgery. In addition, the reserach and leadership experiences that i obtained from the CFDA led me to my present position as Chief Scientific Officer at Olsgey Health.

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